As depicted in Goldfish and Le Café Maure, the goldfish became a recurring subject in the Post-Impressionist paintings of French artist Henri Matisse.

Inspired by a trip to Morocco, Matisse attempted to capture the delicacy and the beauty of goldfish behind glass. A fresh North African phenomenon, goldfish become popular decoration in cafés where locals would often gather around the fishbowls mesmerized by the crystalline scales and silken floating fins. The goldfish eventually blossomed into an icon for contemplative thought, graceful movement, and tranquil state of mind.

The same way the people of Tangier, Morocco were mesmerized by the goldfish is the way viewers should be mesmerized by films.

The title, Goldfin Films, is a reference to this analogy, and a respectful nod to Jean-Luc Godard and the French New Wave ending all films with ‘fin’.

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